Why Meta


Our mission is to give you the keys more than just your next home, we’re here to give you true financial literacy.

We know you’ve been there. Walking into the bank to find someone you’ve never spoken to before and having to now retell your financial story and await their pitch of your slim to none options for the future of your mortgage.

We’re here to shift the narrative of mortgages.

We take a meta approach to mortgages, meaning we build a plan with your goals at the forefront.

To best structure your mortgage we don’t just consider the details at hand, we look at the big picture. Where you want to see yourself and your family, today, tomorrow and ten years from now. We help you decide on the most suitable solution by giving you professional recommendations based on years of experience, the current financial climate and your personal circumstances.

Your mortgage is one element of your financial situation that leads us to how we can support you in best practices when it comes to your finances as a whole.

Education is at the core of what we do. Education equals empowerment and when you’re empowered in your finances, that’s when the home financing experience becomes easy and stress-free

Let’s talk about it.

Looking for support when it comes to your mortgage with purchasing refinancing or a review?