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Equity: the difference between the value of your home and the amount of the mortgage on the home. This is your equity. This is your investment in your home yielding you financial wealth. You don’t have to wait until you sell your home to access this equity. You can take this lump sum of money out, by refinancing the home for a higher mortgage amount. With a professional and expert eye we will assess how the new mortgage payment will affect your cash flow and lay out what to expect. The cash you’ve accessed can be used for various reasons such as; a gift, for re-investment, to fund a home renovation or to consolidate debts.
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Most common refinance options

This is a great option for people looking to access their equity on demand. A Home Equity Line of Credit otherwise known as a HELOC can be added to your current mortgage without disrupting it. Many clients enjoy the security of having quick access to funds in case of an emergency or simply like to manage their own usage without having to constantly go back to the Bank and re-apply.

Our step-by-step process (& what to expect)

Let's Connect
Let’s chat and get to know each other. We will ask you some basic questions to get started.
Homework Time
We will provide you with an easy to follow list of documents we will need, designed just for you. Then we’ll use the information you’ve provided to build your application.
Number Crunching
By the end of the meeting, we will be ready to submit your file to the preferred lender.
Congratulations! You’re approved!
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
We’ve reviewed the fine print, let’s review the details at our in-person signing meeting.
Enjoy the Ride
We manage the process, start to finish, & communicate with key parties like lawyers & real estate agents to simplify your to-do list.
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Here's how we take care of you

We’re hands-on
We do things the “old school” way. Yes, we actually meet with you face-to-face, have meaningful conversation & stay in contact.
We're knowledgeable
With over 15 years of experience we design and recommend a plan that is right for you.
No surprises
We provide all of the fine print up front and don’t proceed without your go-ahead.
Small team means everyone knows who you are and you never have to start over from the beginning


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