Here's how we'll help you make a purchase

Buying real estate is a great way to put your money to work. That saying most people require a mortgage to help finalize their purchase. Let us know what kind of purchase you are considering and we’ll design a plan that is right for you.
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Here are the amazing things we offer!

Buying your first home can feel overwhelming! Let our experts educate, guide and give you confidence ahead of this milestone. We will sit with you to discuss budgeting, affordability and what to expect throughout the process. We will lay out for you all associated costs, including down payment, closing costs and other fees that may apply. No surprises! We will direct you on how to move forward with an appropriate purchase price to make the shopping experience exciting and hassle-free. Once you’re pre-approved, we are still here to help. We’ll keep in contact throughout your search and be happy to answer questions that arise along the way.
A wonderful opportunity to grow your wealth. Buying a rental property can be a profitable investment, if its managed appropriately and well planned out. We can help you effectively budget for associated expenses such as taxes, repairs and maintenance, insurance and property taxes to ensure the chosen property will yield positive income. We’ll also work with your realtor to help you find the best suited property within the guidelines we’ve agreed will work best for your investment.
You’ve worked so hard, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you’re looking into purchasing a second home, whether in Canada or abroad, we will review your financial situation to ensure your new adventure doesn’t stretch your commitment to the point of causing you stress! You’ll need to consider how you’re going to fund your down payment, how the new property will add to your wealth portfolio and if you need to consider costs like fees or taxes buying out of Canada.

Our step-by-step process (& what to expect)

Let's Connect
Let’s chat and get to know each other.
Homework Time
We will provide you with an easy to follow list, designed just for you. Then we’ll use the information you’ve provided to build your application.
Number Crunching
By the end of the meeting, we will be ready to submit your file to the preferred lender.
Congratulations! You’re approved!
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
We’ve reviewed the fine print, let’s review the details at our in-person signing meeting.
Enjoy the Ride
We manage the process, start to finish, & communicate with key parties like lawyers & real estate agents to simplify your to-do list.
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Here's how we take care of you

We’re hands-on
We do things the “old school” way. Yes, we actually meet with you face-to-face, have meaningful conversation & stay in contact.
We're knowledgeable
With over 15 years of experience we design and recommend a plan that is right for you.
No surprises
We provide all of the fine print up front and don’t proceed without your go-ahead.
Small team means everyone knows who you are and you never have to start over from the beginning


Use our app & get answers quickly!

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