Building your dream with a construction mortgage

Congratulations! You've found the perfect home. The only problem is that now you need to gut it, renovate it and make it your dream home! We can hep you build a plan to manage a major renovation using funds from the mortgage on your home, making the reality of owning your dream home, that much more attainable.
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Here are some options for completing your project

The hardest part of completing a major renovation, or building a home from the ground up, is managing the budget to ensure there is enough cash to complete the job properly. A construction mortgage is set before a project begins, with a detailed plan of how and when the work will be completed. At every stage of the project, the bank will release necessary funds to complete the plan. This is meant for large scale projects.
A line of credit is a secured loan, held against your home. These funds, similar to a credit card, can be accessed to pay for your renovation. The funds available on the line of credit are revolving, which means, as you pay off the loan you can access those funds again. This is great way to complete projects around the house at your leisure!

Our step-by-step process (& what to expect)

Let's Connect
Let’s chat and get to know each other.
Homework Time
We will provide you with an easy to follow list, designed just for you. Then we’ll use the information you’ve provided to build your application.
Number Crunching
By the end of the meeting, we will be ready to submit your file to the preferred lender.
Congratulations! You’re approved!
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
We’ve reviewed the fine print, let’s review the details at our in-person signing meeting.
Enjoy the Ride
We manage the process, start to finish, & communicate with key parties like lawyers & real estate agents to simplify your to-do list.
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Here's how we take care of you

We’re hands-on
We do things the “old school” way. Yes, we actually meet with you face-to-face, have meaningful conversation & stay in contact.
We're knowledgeable
With over 15 years of experience we design and recommend a plan that is right for you.
No surprises
We provide all of the fine print up front and don’t proceed without your go-ahead.
Small team means everyone knows who you are and you never have to start over from the beginning


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